About us

The Clinics is a One-Day-Surgery & Polyclinic Center that was established to offer a unique concept of a wide range of elite surgical and cosmetic solutions for patients of all age groups, in addition to a full range of medical services all under one roof. It is one of the region’s leading & elite medical centers, offering a variety of medical and surgical procedures for patients who do not wish to stay in hospital. Our globally reputable residing and visiting consultants and surgeons ensure to provide the best medical care to our patients using the latest technology, techniques and advanced treatments.

Our departments

● Plastic Surgery
● Dermatology
● Dentistry
● Wellness
● Laser
● Physiotherapy

● Nutrition
● Urogynecology
● Urology and Male Infertility
● Pain Management
● Revive Vitamin Drip

Tariq Al Shneifi

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We work to be the outstanding medical center and one day surgery at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Mission

We provide excellence healthcare services through integrated clinical practice, patient safety and satisfaction.

Our Values

We aspire to be a center of excellence where our values are embedded when providing patient care service. 

Dignity & Respect



Quality and Safety

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