Thread lift

Thread lift is one of the latest procedures used to treat deep wrinkles that filler and botox can’t treat, an alternative to a traditional face lift,  also known as “lunchtime lift” since they’re a quick non-invasive procedure with no downtime like traditional facelift. 

Types of threads


PDO threads are used to treat signs of aging and wrinkles, such as the sides of the mouth, eyes, neck, forehead and jaw. In some cases where wrinkles are deep, fillers are used in addition to threads to get better results. PDO threads come in different shapes and types:
  1. Mono threads:
  2. Monofilament threads, which are smooth polyester threads, are mainly used to stimulate collagen. This type of thread is used for regeneration of the skin without giving volume or fullness like the rest of types.
  3. COG threads:
  4. This type of thread is characterized by its surface roughness, which helps lift sagging parts of the face, suitable for tightening skin sagging in the areas of the face and neck.
  5. Screw Threads:
  6. It is a double thread consisting of interlocking threads that are used to restore the natural volume of parts of the face and lift the places where lines and deep wrinkles are formed.

PLA-Polylactic acid

This type of thread is made of lactic acid. It also stimulates collagen and lasts longer than PDO threads. The edges of the suture have hooks to hold onto the tissues, which gives a better result for lifting. It is used for areas of severe sagging, and the most important of them are Silhouette Soft sutures, or what is known as golden threads. 

PCA- polycaprolactone

It is the latest type of threads. The effect of these threads lasts for longer periods than the previous two types. It stimulates collagen in the skin in greater quantities even after dissolving, lasting from 12 to 15 months. 

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