Urologist and Male Infertility Consultant

Dr. Hamoud Almatrafi

Curriculum Vitae

  • ● Canadian Fellowship in Urology from Dalhousie University – Canada
    ● MBBS from King Faisal University
    ● Specialization in the field of male and male infertility
    ● The work of Dr. Hamoud Al-Matrafi, a consultant urologist at the Air Force Base Hospital in Dhahran for six years
    ● He worked at King Fahad Hospital in Riyadh and established a male infertility unit
    ● Held the position of Head of Urology Department at the King Fahd Hospital National Guard Hospital until 2011
    ● Supervised the Physician Training Program of Urology by the Saudi Commission for Medical Specialties at King Fahad Hospital of the for 8 years
    ● Dr. Hamoud Al-Matrafi was the first to introduce microscopy technology in the Kingdom in 2003
    ● More than 3000 Micro-Tese procedures were carried out by Dr. Hammoud Al-Matrafi is considered the highest in the world
    ● Published many research papers in the field of male infertility


● Male infertility treatment
● Microdissection testicular sperm extraction (Micro-Tese)
● Testicular Biopsy.
● Microscopic varicocelectomy.
● Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment .
● Vasovasostomy.
● Vasoepididymostomy.
● Sperm extraction by (TESA,PESA,MESA)
● Resection of Ejaculatory Ducts.

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