Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Abdimonplaty can be performed using liposuction alone for patients who have high concentration of fat cells in their abdomen and good skin elasticity, or using a tummy tuck where the surgeon removes the fat cells through liposuction and lifts the skin using a horizontal incision for patients who have a sagging tummy from weight loss or after pregnancy and birth.  

Types of abdominal liposuction: 

  • Full surgical tummy tuck: 

 It is one of the most suitable surgeries for people with severe sagging in the abdominal area and for people who suffer from weak abdominal muscles. 

  •  Mini surgical tummy tuck: 

For people who suffer from flabbiness in the lower abdomen, but good muscle strength and need to eliminate the pooch that often occurs in the lower belly. 

  • Abdominal sculpting (six-pack): 

The plastic surgeon reshapes and sculpts the patient’s abdomen, to obtain a healthy, harmonious and athletic body. This operation is performed using a Vaser machine for liposuction and is performed under complete anesthesia in an operating room equipped for the procedure. 

  • Tummy tightening (abdomen – flanks – back): 

Removing the excess of fat and skin in the abdomen, back, and flanks area, and removing sagging skin, and it is done under complete anesthesia. 


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